Dare to live intentionally, creatively, and authentically.

At Plum Nelly Dry Goods, we honor the playful, creative spirit in everyone.

We value …

CREATIVITY. It fuels not just radical artworks but can and does exist in every part of our lives and work. It is a partner to science and technology and leads us to deeper lives well-lived.

SELF-EXPRESSION. You’ve got a right to the mic – to speak and be heard. We encourage this shit. Let us know what rocks your world: the good, the bad, whatever!

INTEGRITY. No faking it. We’re keeping it simple and bringing our best to the table.

AUTHENTICITY. If you can’t be you, then who are you supposed to be? That’s why we are who we are, 100% AUTHENTIC. We won’t pretend and you won’t either. Just be you and be loved.

SUSTAINABILITY. We live on this earth. We love her and she loves us. GAIA is our mother and here at Plum Nelly Dry Goods, we’ve created SUSTAINABLE practices and we’re always looking for ways to do this better.

CRAFTSMANSHIP. We believe that anything worth doing is worth doing well. We adore beautifully conceived and created projects.

INTUITION: Lower those walls, live your life deeply, feel, trust, build faith and listen to the goddess within. Welcome yourself back to YOU!

Wendy Hunt

Plum Nelly Dry Goods is the expression of Wendy’s heart and she can imagine only a few things better than getting to operate this shop and create new and fun projects for it. She is an artist, graphic designer, illustrator, free-range thinker, mother/sister/daughter, musician and writer. Graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design with a BFA in Illustration.

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